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It isn't every day that we here at No Rhubarb! actually congratulate a team on a new mascot. Today we feature Visalia, a returning favorite. Two years ago we featured the Visalia Oaks' crazy rat-squirrel thing, famous for unbearably creepy acorn-eyes.

Well, the Oaks are dead, another classic (well, classic for a different city)name, replaced by the odd name of "Rawhide". The rat-squirrel bit the dust along with Oaks, replaced by a Holstein cow.

Because of course you want to remind everyone that Rawhide is dried cowhide. Hey look kids, we can turn the mascot into baseballs!

Your first place Tacoma Rainiers open the 50 year anniversary of Cheney Stadium tonight against the defending PCL Champion River Cats. The old girl has been freshened with a fancy new scoreboard, so check it out! It's gonna be a beautiful - if slightly chilly - night for baseball!

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