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For those uninitiated in the Mariner blogosphere, is the unquestioned King of M's blogs. Formed by veterans of the pioneering Baseball Prospectus, the USSM is often informative, always entertaining and on occasion bewilderingly technical for those – like yours truly- who ran away in terror at the thought of a college-level statistics class. One of their more frequent features is the Future Forty (frequent feature future forty? Am I Ring Lardner all the sudden?), a look at the Mariners best prospects. Unlike the basic Top 10 list, the Future Forty is broken down into a series of categories, and includes some best-case and most-likely scenarios. As you might expect, several Rainiers make the cut, including Our Favorite Rainier (the best prospect in Tacoma, as previously established), Wladimir Balentien (still not sold on him) and Bryan LaHair (“sucks”).

Check it out here.


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