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Maybe Rhubarb ain't so bad

Okay, while we still hate the demon goat-creature called Rhubarb, I admit it could be much, much worse.

The link below will take you to Rusty, the mascot of the Texas League Corpus Christi Hooks.

It isn't for the squeamish. This isn’t pleasant. If you have a heart or bowel condition, we beg you to turn back. No Rhubarb! cannot be held liable for any strokes, seared eyeballs or night terrors.

It’s not too late to turn back.

Credit (blame really) goes to Deadspin.

Look upon the Mascot, ye mighty, and despair!

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  1. Cassioposa said...
    Ok, I nearly jumped out of my seat after I clicked on that link. Wow. Thanks for putting Rhubarb in perspective. He's bad, but he looks harmless compared to THAT thing.

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