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It’s get-away day in Fresno tonight, as the Rainiers and the Grizzlies wrap-up a four-game series, and then Tacoma heads home.

But that isn’t the big deal tonight. The Big Deal (yes, he deserves the caps) is Tim Lincecum. Last year’s Golden Spikes winner, the best prospect in the Giant system, at worst one of the top 20 prospects in all the minors. He throws in the upper-90s, with a hammer curve and a developing change. He won’t be in Fresno very long; barring disaster he’ll see San Francisco by the All-Star break. He is a stiff challenge for the hometown nine.

You might ask how such a heralded prospect lasted until the 11th pick in the draft, being bypassed by ten teams, including his hometown Seattle Mainers. Lincecum is not perfect. He’s a smallish (6-0, 170#) righthander in a sport that prizes horses like Felix Hernandez. Lincecum also has a high stress motion that actually has him facing away from the mound. Most of all, his issue was innings; he was worked hard by the Huskies, working over 300 innings in his career there. Many scouts feel he’s a blow-out waiting to happen.

Don’t miss this one. Jorge Campillo goes for the Rainiers.


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