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Rainiers 12, Bees 11

This was a bit of slugfest, now wasn't it?


This kind of win is never pretty, never easy, but almost always tons of fun. Tacoma jumped out to a five-run lead in the second, battering Salt Lake starter Jonathon Rouwenhorst. Jim Parque couldn't hold the lead though, giving up seven runs (four earned) in four innings before being pulled in favor of Sean Green. Green pitched three hitless innings to notch the win. The bullpen didn't really help the matter though. With the Rainiers up 8-7 in the eighth, Brad Thomas gave up a run to tie. Mike Morse hit a homer in the ninth to power the Rainiers to a 12-8 lead. Jon Huber gave up three in the ninth before Byron Embry finally closed it out with the winning run on base.

Like we said, these are never easy.

We have to give a special No Rhubarb shout-out to Wladimir Balentien. He pushed his hitting streak to 17 with a 4-for-5, 2 HR, 5 RBI day. Wlad is now at .380/.430/.648 and making a concerted effort to wrest Our Favorite Rainier status from Mr. Jones. You're on notice AJ.

Tomorrow? Nothing. After 20 straight game days, the Rainiers have a much-deserved day off. A day off in Las Vegas, no less. Thursday at the 51s; Jake Woods (0-0, 9.00) against Greg Miller (1-0 , 1.98).



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