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Now This Don’t Seem Right

Sometimes being a minor-league affiliate can be a bit of a bitch. The big club Mariners have an issue with reliever Julio Mateo. Well, two issues. The less-pressing issue is that he kinda sucks. The more pressing issue is that he up and got himself arrested over the weekend in New York. Now, the Mariners want to give him time to get this settled, but the big club can’t be playing a man short.

But the Rainiers can. Mateo was optioned to Tacoma, with Sean Green going up to Seattle in return. Mateo, who according to a radio report on KOMO 1000 was suspended for ten games, will almost certainly not pitch for Tacoma any time soon. But Green was already heading to meet the Mariners before the Sunday afternoon tilt with the Bees, so Tacoma will play a man down for the foreseeable future.

When you look at this from a Mariner perspective - the Rainiers exist only to serve the major league club - this makes perfect sense. From a Tacoma standpoint, it just sucks.


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