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Sky Sox 3, Rainiers 1

Sometimes the Baseball Gods smile upon you. Sometimes they smite you. Other times they merely mock.

Yesterday I said this regarding tonight's game “Two guys with double-digit ERAs and the possibility of rain. Could be a long night”. Well, it was a long night, a very long night. Fourteen taut, exciting innings, where both pitchers went six-plus innings. We are most definitely not baseball prognosticators.

After a disastrous first start for Tacoma, Jake Woods threw six scoreless frames, leaving with a 1-0 lead. Colorado Springs starter Ubaldo Jimenez nearly matched him, going seven innings, striking out 7 and giving up one run. Sean Green took over for Woods and after two scoreless innings, gave up the tying run in the ninth, and it off to the races. Colorado won in the 14th inning, scoring two runs off of Byron Embry.

Hard luck night. Tomorrow we have a day game with the very early and very odd starting time of 11:35. Nice pitching match-up, Ryan Feierabend (1-1, 2.84) against former major leaguer BK Kim (0-1, 4.70) for the Sky Sox.3



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