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Online voting for the Triple-A All-Star game (July 11th in Albuquerque)has been going for a couple weeks and we have a major issue with the current results. Our Favorite Rainier – at worst, one of the 5 best players in the PCL – is currently seventh - seventh - in the voting for the PCL outfield spots. We shall be unveiling our ballot sometime this week, but for cryin' out loud, just vote at random if you have to. Adam Jones needs some love.

Oh, and please don't just vote for all the Rainiers. Jones and Balentien are the only guys who should be considered for the All-Star Game. It's a cold reality, but this team just ain't that freakin' good.

Remember: Vote Early and Often!

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  1. beerandhotdogs said...
    Don't forget that each person can vote up to 25 times! I still voted a full Rainier ballot, even though some of them do not merit the chance to play. It's kind of like how I'm a huge fan even though this seasons's performance is pretty damn lackluster.

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