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What We've Missed

Okay, we ended up taking a bit longer than expected. The great stair adventure from last week - combined with the release of the final Harry Potter – led to a more extended absence than we expected.

We do apologize. But we're back, still sticking to our oddball third-person narrative and obsession with a rather lousy minor league baseball team. Lucky for us, we didn't miss much due to the awful weather.

Seriously, it's late July, what the hell is up with this? We convinced the Missus Frinklin to move here from San Diego for chrissakes. She needs some sort of sun, or she may very well explode.

Okay, baseball. After a rather uninspiring series against Salt Lake – the Rainiers won only once in four – the weather hit and it's been difficult to get any baseball played. The Rainiers were set to play Las Vegas in a doubleheader today, and we'll see how that goes.

Then, on to New Orleans!

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  1. Tacoman said...
    Welcome back. I enjoy your blog. I have a channel in Google Reader for my Tacoma blogs, and I've missed your posts. You're right. The team is lousy and their promotions suck, but I've been going to Cheney Stadium since 1963 or so, and I'd miss having a team here.

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