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Our Favorite Raini... MARINER!

Photo courtesy of Paul M. Photography

Adam Jones is back in the show. While this move is about three months too late for Mariner fans, we in Tacoma will surely miss him. The Mariners are being tightlipped about his role with the team, but anyone who's followed Adam knows he should be in the Seattle outfield every day. Hey Adam, you're joining a team in the midst of a pennant race and apparently some of the vets aren't that happy to see you. The Mariner blogosphere is pretty thrilled though.

No pressure.

Now, the post of Our Favorite Rainier is officially open. Wlad Balentien? Kameron Mickolio? Watch this space...

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  1. Anonymous said...
    I guess I would say Wlad. He has been there the whole year and his stats are pretty similar to Jones'. Although, Kam seems like a more personable guy.

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