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We've been working on a post regarding the Seattle SuperSonics and their possible (okay, probable) move to Oklahoma City. It isn't done yet, but we would like to take a quick moment to point that it's obvious the new owners aren't trying real hard. Say, for instance, this listing at the Sonics Team Shop. This very nice Sonics Flex Fit cap is currently for sale, but with an asking price of $28, 479.00, we think action will be a mite slow. We here at No Rhubarb are cap aficionados, but we rarely buy caps that top the 20K mark.

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  1. breatnyS said...
    Good defense by the Seattle Supersonics drama boys, if only we could patch up the difference, this will be a Seattle good season. They are running, switching in defense, rebounding see those efforts. We don't have yet the Supersonics team down.

    I which I could see some Supersonics games live. I was looking for tickets all the good seats on ticketmaster were taken I had to check broker. And man you don’t want to do that especially for the Seattle Supersonics. Thanks god there sites like Ticketwood which work as comparators here is the site
    Supersonics Tickets

    I like slam dunks that take me to the hoop my favorite play is the ally-hoop,
    I like the pic n roll,i like the given goal its basketball yo, yo lets go!
    Go Supersonics Go!!!

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