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After the first round, it is pretty clear that we here at Feed Tacoma are not sports geniuses. No big dead for most, except those who happen to be running a sports blog.


At the close of the first round, we have six entries tied for first. PSP, Cole's Lousy Picks, No Rhubarb!, Automagic, Bracket Buster and Frinklin all come in with 24 points. At the other end of the spectrum we find Shot in the Dark, the entry from Feed Tacoma Overlord Kevin Freitas. Cheer up Kev, you're only eight points behind your better half.

Update: There are many fine places on the net covering the NCAA tournament, but we are really rather fond of Hemingway's take.


  1. izenmania said...
    I don't know... I'm pretty thoroughly boned by the fact that I had Connecticut in the championship. Ugh.
    Cole said...
    Even if I lose, we should all go get beer at the end.
    Dave said...
    @izenmania - HA.

    @Cole - YES.

    I still can't believe that I'm in the lead...
    Andrew Fry said...
    Darn you Gonzaga!!!

    Bracket busters aside, I am so bad at this anyway I am happy to have as many teams left in the field as I do.

    WSU over NC baby.

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