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Thanks to an idea kicked around at this morning's Feed Tacoma Feed at PSP, the Feed Tacoma Bracket Challenge is ON! We are hosted at Yahoo! Sports (ESPN is easier, but so overloaded the Fantasy system has crashed). It's easy to join, just:

1-Head over to Yahoo! Sports Tourney Pick 'em 08.
2-Log in with your Yahoo log-in (We figure everybody in Tacoma is on Flickr and they use the same thing)
3-Select "Join A Group"
4-The Group Number is 161419, Password is "rhubarb"
5-Fill out your brackets
6-Laugh and/or cry at your results

Hurry, the brackets lock at tip-off Thursday morning.

Oh, if you win? No Rhubarb! will treat you to one of the following: Hot Dog and a beverage at The Red Hot, coffee and scone at Satellite, or cupcakes at Hello, Cupcake.

Good Luck!*

*Luck not applicable to anyone who isn't me.


  1. izenmania said...
    Dang, if we'd been able to use ESPN I could have just run with the bracket I already made for the SiteCrafting pool.

    Time for another random selection of teams!
    kevinfreitas said...
    Mine's in. Thx Rhubarb! I'm *SO* going to win this bad boy.
    Andrew Fry said...
    I have now set myself up for complete hoops ridicule. I am such a homer.
    Andrew Becherer said...
    I'm in, although I stopped watching early this season when I realized how mediocre my Kentucky Wildcats were. I'm happy with new coach Billy Gillispie's work with the Cats but I wasn't as faithful as in years past.

    Actually that is me just making excuses in case I get slaughtered in this pool. Good luck everybody!
    jamie said...
    I am in, in what should prove to be a ridiculously comical travesty.
    Jim @ PSP said...
    this is awesome, thanks for setting this up so quick.

    also, leave your lunch money at the door because this is UCLA's year!
    Dave said...
    I'm in, too. Trying not to suck.
    Cassioposa said...
    I'll try this thing out. Is there a prize for worst bracket picks?
    ensie said...
    I'm all about the randomizer. With a few picks thrown in there myself.

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