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Inspired by Jamie - and now David Boe - we've started a FeedTacoma discussion group about how and where we can build a new Rainier ballpark. Join us, won't you?

Tacoma's new - hopefully waterfront - ballpark. How do we get it built?

ThriceAllAmerican posted some gorgeous photoshop work that places Portland's PGE Park on the Supervalu warehouse. Erik Hanberg mentioned the former Asarco Site. No Rhubarb! has always been privy to placing a park on the Hilltop, close to where baseball began in Tacoma. Still others want to tear down the Dome and rebuild there. We've had small discussions on each of those sites and in person. Here I would like to start an all-inclusive discussion, where we can lock down the best possible place, and maybe even figure out how we can afford it.

Cheney Stadium is old and - let's face it - not all that pretty. It's also a city property so Tacoma has a stake in its replacement. A waterfront park would feature views as good as any in sports, minor or major. A new ballpark would become one of the faces of the city, comparable to Union Station or the Museum of Glass. A new ballpark can and will make this city a more beautiful and livable place. So let's get it done.


  1. Donovan said...
    Looks like a good idea to me. What do we do about the Tacoma aroma?
    NineInchNachos said...
    tons of peanut roasters and cotton candy machines!
    marty said...
    Only if the peanut roasters can get by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency regulators
    Thorax O'Tool said...
    I'm not a big baseball fan, but I LOVE the idea of the stadium where that awful tank farm is now. Can you imagine how it'd look from Thea's park?

    As for the old site, let's make sure they have some green space and not just homes and stores.

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