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Our Feed Tacoma bracket challenge has come to a close and big congratulations go to our champion: bracket buster. Taking charge over the weekend, bracket buster withstood a furious rally from Izenmania, who was the only Feed Tacoman to choose the Kansas Jayhawks as the NCAA Champion.

Congratulations to our winner, who now gets the privilege of hanging out with No Rhubarb! and his or her choice of coffee and a scone at Satellite, cupcakes at Hello, Cupcake or a dog and a beer at the Red Hot. Anyone else who entered the contest is welcome to come along. We'll have to do this again next year.


  1. bracketbuster aka donalds said...
    Thanks for hosting "The First Annual Feed Tacoma Bracket Challenge" and making it open to the public. I don't make many comments or contribute to all the great Feed Tacoma blogs much but certainly enjoy all the great information that I acquire from them. It is truly a great community resource. Thanks again and I look forward to defending my title next year.
    Andrew Fry said...
    It was my March Madness bracket challenge of choice and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I was even in contention right before they started the tournament.

    Thanks and looking forward to next years.
    frinklin said...
    Thanks to everyone who participated in the Feed Tacoma Bracket Challenge. It was a blast to host. We will certainly do it again next year, and hopefully we can try to find something similar before that.

    Donalds, don't forget your prize. Just let us know.

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