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A new season, new mascots to make us all tremble with fear. This week, we visit Allentown, Pennsylvania, home of the absurdly named Lehigh Valley IronPigs. Formerly the Ottawa Lynxx, the IronPigs are the Triple-A affiliate of the nearby Philadelphia Phillies. It doesn't take a genius what the IronPigs mascot ended up. Meet Ferrous:

Now compare that with the logo the IronPigs sport on their caps:
The look the team is going is obvious: a pig made of iron. Notice that the logo on the cap even sports rivets. Now look again at Ferrous again. No rivets, just dark gray fur. In fact, we'll go so far as to claim Ferrous doesn't even look very pig-like. If anything, Ferrous looks like a giant bat that let himself go.
To make this mascot even weirder, "Ferrous" wasn't the name originally chosen for this furry nightmare. Originally the team selected the name "PorkChop" which seems to both make more sense and certainly rolls of the tongue easier than "Ferrous" does. That name was dropped after complaints from the Valley's Puerto Rican population. Now, it turns out that the complaints were from only one guy, but the damage was done, and this chunky ManBearPig-looking thing gets a lousy name.


  1. izenmania said...
    If they really wanted to impress me they would have made the mask out of solid iron (with or without rivets). And then replace the man's spine with a titanium rod...
    ensie said...
    Like "The Pig In the Iron Mask"!

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