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The Charlotte Knights, Triple-A farmclub of the Chicago White Sox have a lot of things going for them: a burgeoning market that many think is ready for a major league club, a distinctive name and striking logo, a nice stadium and plans for a new downtown stadium that will be state of the art for a minor league team. Not everything is perfect; the color scheme isn't perfect and the uniforms are seriously overdone, but nevermind that. The Charlotte Knights are one of the very best franchises in minor league baseball. Well.... we do have an issue. This is the Knights mascot:

Homer is a dragon, which isn't necessarily easy to ascertain. At first I thought he might be some sort of green horse creature, but no, there are flaring nostrils and spikes down his back. And there is my problem: What is the relationship between Knights and Dragons? Why they kill each other of course. Hasn't anybody ever heard of St. George? We need a more realistic look to this. The next time Homer starts prancing on the field, one of the Knights should chase after him with his bat. Add a damsel-in-distress and we're golden.


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