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We drop in on the independent leagues today. We here at No Rhubarb! will send you a bright, shiny quarter if you can tell us just where exactly the Coastal Plain League without Googling it. Give up? The CPL is a summer collegiate league stretching through Virginia and the Carolinas. The team today is the Columbus Blowfish, located in lovely Columbia, South Carolina. Now, we think ya'll can see where this is going: Blowfish?

Yep! Meet Blowie!

Please, do yourself a favor and click to check out the larger image.

Back? Good... yeah, we know. Just remember, kids love Blowie! And Blowie loves Cocky!

And Blowie can dance like there is NO TOMORROW:


  1. Jess said...
    Oh, no they di'-ent. (ayee.)
    ensie said...
    As I said earlier, it looks like a baseball with a venerial disease.



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