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Grizzlies 5, Rainiers 1


So, no sweep. The recently called up Jason Mackintosh (and by “recently” we mean about 10 minutes before first pitch) had a fine AAA debut, going 5 scoreless innings. Unfortunately, the bullpen did him no justice as Ryan Rowland-Smith gave up 4 runs in 2/3 of an inning. The bats were weren't much better, as the Rainiers collected only 5 hits. Tacoma ends this eight-game homestand 4-4, and now head off the Salt Lake and Las Vegas. First up is the Bees, tomorrow at 5:35 PST.

It might be PDT, we never bothered to learn which was which.

We have to point this out from the official site, regarding the pitching match up tomorrow

Ryan Feierabend starts for Tacoma against Kasey Olenberger in a battle bewtween pitchers with really long last names.
Memo to the press release writer: It is our job to be snarky and funny. Please don't put us out of business. While we are impressed with recent teaks tweaks to the official site, we ask that you please remember your place. Leave any potential humor to under-employed part-time bloggers such as us.

And in return, we will not point out any possible spelling errors.

Update: Well, now we should REALLY not point out any possible errors. Though a nice teak finish might be nice for


Thank You.

Box from Minor League Baseball


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