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As mascots go, the Lake Elsinore Storm have a set that aren’t all that creepy. Thunder is a giant, green mutant dog creature. Jackpot is a giant Jackrabbit, usually pink, sometimes tan, always wearing giant sunglasses. Pretty basic, really. Actually not nearly as creepy and weird as the Storm hat.

Yes, those are eyes. Move on. Best not to think of

No, Thunder and Jackpot are actually indescribably cool. And why is that?

Storm Wars

What other mascots - minor league, major league or in-between - star in their own Star Wars parody? Not one, mind you, that would be easy. How about two episodes of Storm Wars?

In the first, our heroes are attacked by a portly Sith wearing an ill-fitting mask. In the sequel - bigger and more technically sound, but lacking the innocence of the original - Thunder and Jackpot face a bounty hunter who dresses like a ninja topped with a Hannibal Lector mask.

Not to missed, my friends. Not to be missed.

Again, all thanks to Deadspin. If you don't read Deadspin... well, why the hell aren't you?


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