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Rainiers 4, Grizzlies 1

The Rainiers take their third in a row over Fresno. Jim Parque continued his comeback with an excellent start, going seven innings, giving up only one run and six strikeouts. Jeremy Reed hit a sacrifice fly and a third-inning double. Prentice Redman (I didn’t know he was on the team, and neither did you) hit a two-run homer in the fourth, and that was all Parque and reliever Byron Embry needed.

Tomorrow the Rainiers go for their first sweep of the year. It’s Friday night at Cheney Stadium, so that means Fireworks Night. First pitch is 6:05, and then it’s off to Salt Lake for another road trip. Cha Baek (1-0, 2.55) against Matt Palmer (1-0, .371).

And who makes the schedules for these guys? Who ever heard of a Friday night get-away?

Box from Minor League Baseball.


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