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R's Win! R's Win!

The Rainiers beat the hated River Cats 4-2, and Tacoma fans dance on the skulls of their enemies! Jorge Campillo gets the win in his first Tacoma start since 2005 and his major elbow surgery. Jeff Clement hit a 2-run homer in the sixth - his first of the year- to put the Rainiers up for good. Jon Huber gets the save.

The hometown nine win, and all is good with the world.

Oh, and Our Favorite Rainier? 3-4 with an RBI, putting his line for the year at .500/.643/.800. Fun with small sample size theater.

Eagle-eyed readers might also see a new addition to the sidebar. I’ve added a Google aggregator, set up for news about our Rainiers and the PCL in general.


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