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No Rhubarb! attended the Preseason Party this afternoon to check out the fresh coat of paint slapped on Cheney Stadium. It was quite pleasant, despite the weather not living up to yesterday's promise. Like everyone in the Pacific Northwest, we loved the sunshine yesterday, and we spent the evening listening to the Rainier game while enjoying a starlight sky from our deck.

But we digress... Today's Preseason festivities were designed to sell tickets. Season tickets -Gold Club tickets preferably- or 7-game ticket packages or single-game tickets or just any kind of tickets you can imagine. And I think they did pretty well. The Gold Club is a pretty impressive package. The best seats in the house, personalized signs on your seats, numbered parking, snacks and schwag included, plus the capper: A day to take batting practice on the field.

Batting practice on the field? Sweet Jebus, that nearly sold us. Unfortunately, this package isn't cheap, going for a cool $1200 per seat. Were it not for this pesky mortgage thing, it would have been a done deal.

The new ownership group (and the state of Washington) spent some money on various upgrades. The most noticeable of which is the mural that greets visitors to the main entrance. It's nice, but Cheney Stadium is what it is: a very utilitarian structure that was built in only 14 days nearly 50 years ago. It won't ever be a stunner like Isotopes Park or Victory Field. On the inside though, the park looks great. There are no bad views of the field, and on a clear day you can even see Mt. Rainier.

I did -as promised- did take some lousy pictures.

This would be the new mural.

How is this for a seat? You can have it for $1200.

All of my lousy pictures are available on Flickr.

Oh, and there were no demon goat-creature attacks. The sharp, pointy stick remained sheathed.


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