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Express 10, Rainiers 8

On Wednesday the Rainiers scored two runs and won. On Thursday, they scored eight runs and lost.

Nobody knows a damned thing about this game. If they tell you they do, they lie.

Wait, we know one thing: The Jim Parque Experiment is rapidly coming to a close. Tonight in Texas it was five runs on seven hits in 4 2/3 innings. His ERA stands at 7.82, and it's become painfully obvious he just isn't good enough. Really, you score eight runs (two guys – Jeff Clement and Rob Johnson – go 4-4), you have to win this game. The offense had been struggling for a week now, and you just can't let a performance like this go to waste.

Series finale tomorrow in Round Rock. Jake Woods (0-2, 6.50) starts for Tacoma, Jared Gothreaux (1-1, 4.06) for the Express. And hey, tomorrow is Fireworks Night in Round Rock. Just like home.



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