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Perhaps nothing can top the Zooperstars. Unless you can imagine what the Zooperstars non-famous cousin might be like. Wonder no more. Witness BirdZerk.

Please, do take a moment to check that out. Make sure the volume is up high on your computer. Go ahead, we'll wait.


By now you should be realizing that the BirdZerk theme song will never, EVER leave your head. You may well be homicidal. Perhaps you want to kill him.. perhaps yourself... maybe even us.

Please don't. It will go away. Just give it a week or two.

Feel free to check out the galleries. Revel in the mindless horror you see.

Remember, the same people came up with both Zooperstars and BirdZerk. I wish I had some of their drugs.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    bird-zerk ...duh-nuh-nuh ...bird-zerk ...

    I can never get that 3 mins back, ever.


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