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The Pittsburgh Steelers are a proud franchise. A tough, blue-collar team based born in a blue-collar city. A team owned by the same family for 50 years, originally purchased with the patriarch's gambling winnings. The same basic black uniforms, the same three coaches in 30 years. A team built on toughness and defense. A hard team led by hard men. Fans that are truly fanatical, spread around the world. A team that does things the right way. A team that understands that football is war. A team that never concerns itself with frivolities. A team with no cheerleaders.

Now though, they do have a mascot. In honor of the team's 75th anniversary, the Steelers have unleashed Steely McBeam on the world.

Now, we are fans of the Seahawks, and we cannot mock anyone when it comes to mascots. We do have to mention though, that every time we see Steely, we can't help but think of this, our favoritest Simpsons moment ever.

Keep reaching for that rainbow Steelers fans!

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  1. beerandhotdogs said...
    My great-grandpa and namesake played for the Hyde Park Football club in the early part of the 20th Century in Pennsylvania. That club, through the years, begat the Pittsburgh Steelers. As a lifelong Steeler fan whose first childhood picture featured me wearing a Terry Bradshaw jersey, who stuck with the team in the 80's and into the nineties, and who still sticks with them....I can only say this is the single most jerkheaded thing my beloved Steelers could have done. Absolutely ridiculous. Someone wake me up. Please.

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