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We are switching sports just briefly today, checking up on the rather horrifying world of Hockey mascots. The difference between hockey mascots and baseball ones? Hockey mascots are expected to skate. Take a moment - if you would - to imagine Rhubarb on ice skates.

Not pretty, huh?

This is Thunderbug, mascot of the NHL Tampa Bay Lightning and the Arena Football Tampa Bay Storm. Why two teams named after weather patterns would require a bug - what kind of bug we aren't certain - to serve as mascot but they do. We dunno, he's an ant perhaps? Anyway, Thunderbug does your traditional mascot things and probably does them quite well. Why then, would we switch sports and highlight him?

Because of this:

Now you will notice that this Thunderbug is a Zooperstars-style inflated plastic suit. This makes us wonder about the validity of this, but we don't care. This is awesome, and we FULLY support Rhubarb terrorizing small children.

Hat Tip to Puck That Hit, via With Leather


  1. ensie said...
    If every mascot did this, I would watch it 50 times. This is the funniest video I've ever seen of a mascot's antics. Long live Thunderbug!
    kevinfreitas said...
    That's really fun stuff. Thanks for sharing!

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